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Just a few minutes ago my officemate Trina and I were just talking about how funny I look on the photo I posted on Facebook. I grabbed that photo from an old friend’s wall and it was taken probably when I was just 3 years old. I made that as my profile pic as I was with my mom in the photo and since it was Mother’s Day last Sunday.

ImageTalking about it, I got reminded of the memories I had with my mom and my first and my very emotional post in Facebook.

And then I felt a tear falling down my eyes again…

From my Heart to Facebook

by Ermalyn de Leon on Friday, October 15, 2010 at 3:32am ·

Wow. First note in Facebook. Feels weird, coz I am no writer, nor a blogger. My vocabulary needs some help from Wordweb to look for complex words and to make my write-up more exciting to read. I envy my batchmates and friends who are very good in writing. I realized through them that the link to good writing is reading because those friends of mine are book lovers. Not me. I have only read more or less 10 books in my life, on top of the books from school, and including Sweet Valley High. Hehe. But I guess, though I don’t have that love for reading, the love for music may have helped me to kind of create a sensible piece of art using words.

As far as I can remember, the last time that I poured my hearts out in writing was in my fourth year college, where our prof required us to submit an article for the School of Accountancy’s newsletter. So in short, my artistic sense in writing have gradually waned from years of non-practice. I remember I entitled that article “Fate or Faith”. And would you imagine, it’s about the Accountancy Course and how I managed to pass it. Haha. Funny, you may think, but I loved it. My professor thought that I could be an Editor-in-Chief, but due to lack of confidence, and my pessimistic behavior of always thinking that some successes I achieve in life may just be a fluke (added by the fact that I hate big responsibilities),I declined. After that, all of the writings I’ve done are walkthrough documents, and management letters, (not to mention nonsense posts on Facebook). And then now. After 6 years, here I am, writing again. But this time, not handwritten in yellow paper, not checking interview notes, not checking the margins and grammar. This time, it’s just my fingers striking the keyboard, and my heart.

Today is my mom’s birthday. This note I dedicate to her. I love my mom so much I want to include her name in my future children’s names. Probably just change the spelling or whatever, as long it sounds like “Flor”. I even used her birthdate as my mobile phone number. For my family and close friends, they know that both of my parents have already passed away. And of course, you, now who have the curiosity and luxury of time reading this note. My mom should have been 65 today, retired from years of teaching at Dagatan Elementary School and scolding 6th grader kids whose stubbornness-level are as high as the stratosphere, resting at our humble home, cooking an almost-perfect leche flan, or preparing my brother’s things for school. But it has been 10 years since her death, and the only thing left of her are just the memories when she was alive.

She’s the best teacher though I didn’t have the chance to be her student. She’s the reason why I didn’t want to study far from home though she wanted me to take upcat. She’s not perfect but for me she’s the best mother. She’s my hero. She’s my idol. I envy my friends who have their mothers supporting their careers, and taking good care of them. I always wished that my mom was present on my debut, college graduation and oath taking. I wished that I gave her my first salary from SGV. I wished that I have treated her for a tour abroad. I wished that she knew how to send text messages and always text me to go home on weekends and remind me to go home early everyday, scold me for being late, or not eating right. I wished that when I go home, she’s waiting from our terrace, and then I will hand-over my pasalubong. But they are all just wishes. The only and greatest wish that I am still holding up to now is my wish that she’s in heaven. I don’t know if she really got saved before she died and if she’s in heaven right now, but I wish that if she’s there, she’ll recognize me and welcome me with a tight embrace when I also get to that place. The pain of her death still lingers and I still think of her from time to time, but I have learned to move on and accept the fact that I do not have a mother anymore. Her death became an instrument for me to become stronger. It sparked the start of a new chapter in my life and in my family.

Ten years may have been long but time wouldn’t really heal. It will just aid you to accept things. I praise God that despite the heartaches, downs, challenges, losses and pains, He provides strength and courage. I thank the Lord that he gives rest to those who are heavily laden and to those who puts their weight to God’s arm. As I tread to the rocky road of life, I know God will always be there to be my guide and shepherd. Life is unfair but is still good, as Regina Brett says. And life is good because God is good to us.

To those people who still have their mothers, I pray that they could show their love to their moms while they’re alive. Life is short, as we all know it. Make every second count.

Have a happy weekend everyone!

Black Stockings + Somethin’ Gold


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At last! I can wear black stockings without raised eyebrows! Being in the US during summer time in the Philippines (which is April – May) might really be a good thing. Thank you Work for letting me fly and experience a cooler summer this year. (Although it’s not that cold in Dallas this time as well, but still, it’s way cooler than the skin cancer-ing heat in the tropics.)

Well, who would dare to wear black stockings in the Philippines during summer anyways? (uhmmmm, slowly raising a hand, “Me??…”)  It’s freaking hot in the Philippines during this time of the year, you would want to wear flip flops to the office.

I’ve probably worn these dresses a million times already, but I still love ’em! Got the neutral dress from SM Makati and the aqua one from Cosmopolitan at Crossings, Glorietta.  And of course, my forever-loyal black Mary Janes from Asian Vogue and black stockings from Landmark. Peach with gold rim earrings and gold loose choker from Aldo (got them on sale at The Galleria Mall in Dallas, Texas). The leatherette accent in the neutral dress and the drapes and shape of the aqua dress made them classy and unconventional for a work outfit. I always bring these during my travels because they’re fashionable, easy to wear and light, hence easy on the luggage!

JMS. (Jesus My Savior).


My Tabee’s Got Some Swag Photos


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So it’s my second week in the US. My second week with my Sony DSC-HX1 just hanging by my bedside, waiting for me to have its battery charged. Goodness! All because of that freaking charger with round ends! And how come all the hotels that I’ve stayed in in Sunnyvale and Dallas don’t have a spare adapter to lend! My Gulay! I can’t wait to go to Wal-mart tomorrow to buy that wrenching adapter. My camera’s battery has been out for so long, I have already missed capturing the places that I have been to for the past 2 weeks. Well, it’s not that many yet, but still, I find the moments wasted without a photo as a souvenir.  But despite not having my cam, I  was still able to flash some photos through my tablet (which I call Tabee for obvious reasons). And though the results are not as high-quality as a camera’s output, I am still happy with them. I have a penchant for nicely edited, post-proceesed photos and I am so glad that Tabee made it easy for me to edit the photos that I took as soon as I captured them.  Samsung’s lens is no way any better than Ipad’s, but  I can say that I’m satisfied with what came out of the pictures.

Tell me, why is this called Golden? Took this photo during one of the coldest days in my life.  And for photo’s sake, I risked Tabee getting wet. Poor Tabee.

Our main goal was to find the Stanford sign, so we can have a photo-op with it and say, “Hey we’re at Stanford!”. But unfortunately, it’s nowhere to be found.  We only got a few minutes so we took all our chances to take pictures of what is available. We didn’t even have time to read the history notes of the buildings that we took photos of.  I’m 90% sure that the building above is a chapel though. Haha.

Since I’m visiting the US at the time of the year where flowers bloom in grace, I  aim to find a cherry or any tree with white or pinkish blooms. This is the only photo that I got so far.  I took this picture while we’re on the road to go to Stanford and listening to Garmin’s incessant “Recalculating” rants.

Another Stanford picture! I must say this is my most favorite picture among the bunch. Awww. Just like a mommy having a favorite son. Hehe. I love this coz this is the first photo I edited in my tab and also because the resolution is better than the others that I took. 

Guess where this is?  This is not Hollywood, people. This is Stanford!

I get frustrated everytime I look at this photo. I should have captured a wider range or a panoramic view of the Palace of Fine Arts if only my camera is working. Tsk tsk. At least I have a photo. =)

Though I was not born in the 70s, this photo reminds me of that era. The era where all colors are in vivid tone. How I wish I can hop on a time machine and see what was in that period. One thing that amuses me in this photo is that the sofa set and the grills of the glass wall are actually silhouettes on the original picture. I found a trick on a free photo editor app that made their colors pop-up. Cool, right?. This one’s taken from our Dallas office’ lobby. 

Obviously this is a hotel’s walkway, and obviously, I haven’t been to any interesting place  in Dallas yet. Hehehe. I wonder how many yards I need to walk everyday just to reach my door. Hahaha.

Till Next Post! JMS. (Jesus My Savior)



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Boy next door vs. Bubble-gum Girl

Bow tie vs. Daisies

Jet Black vs. Hot Pink

Mr. Tough vs.  Ms. Quirky

The Battle begins at scribblermz… Who will win?

Really had fun doing this. Who knows that I have matching poses for these two contrasting outfits?

This is like FRIDAY! Haha

On him:

Blouse from Bangkok (bought for like P250 only!)| Belt from Forever 21 | Pants from Cash n Carry | Shoes from Asian Vogue | Bow Tie Necklace from Terranova MOA (bought on sale for P150!)

On her:

Blouse from Dalian, China (purchased 3 years ago, bought for like less than P200 only!)| Skirt from SM (bought on sale for P200.00 only!) | Shoes bought online by my friend Dahlj | Necklace from Landmark (bought for P199 only!)| Sunnies from C&A Shanghai ( bought on sale for almost P100 only!)


The Lady Pilot and the Snake


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Once upon a time, there was a lady pilot, a very young (?), courageous (?), fearless (?) and beautiful (??!!! – lokohan na ‘to! haha!) lady pilot in a far, far away land called Batangas (hehe). It was Monday. The lady pilot,wearing her moss green uniform went on a stroll after a day’s travel.

The lady pilot while strolling.. hahaha

The lady pilot while strolling.. hahaha

With her earphones on, and while singing to the tune of SNSD’s “Tell Me Your Wish” from her Samsung  Galaxy Tab, she gracefully pranced into the woods.

Little did she know that a BIG SNAKE (louder and scarier sound please!)ehem…again…. A BIIIGGGG SNAAKEEE, was actually sneaking from her back, and wanted to grab her tablet from her!

Its hissing sound was caught by the lady pilot’s ears, so she quickly turned, grabbed the snake from its neck and with her full and manly force, she smashed the snake to the ground, and ripped it into pieces using her stilettos.

The lady pilot took the snake’s skin off and made it into a pair of wedge shoes. THE END.

What a (nonsense) story. Hahaha. Honestly,  I am really scared of snakes!!!

And in case you still don’t get why the heck I made this story up, it is just because of my moss green pilot-ish top and snakeskin wedge. Hehe. Clear? Hehe.

And the reason why I chose SNSD’s Tell Me Your Wish song is because, they were wearing a sexy pilot outfit for this single. Hehe. (Oh, di ba, match? Hahaha.)

I wonder if there’s any airline company that will allow lady pilots wearing short shorts and high heels like what these SNSD girls are wearing:Hmmm , I think if I add more height, long legs, pretty face, gracefulness and talent, oozing appeal, and if I become younger and a Korean, I can be one of these girls… Hehehe.. NO?! Oh well.  Haha.

So as a bonus, here’s SNSD’s Tell Me Your Wish video!

Sowoneul malhaebwa (Whatever that means in Korea!)

Longsleeves top from iCandy at Crossings| Skirt from H&M | Wedge from People are People |Green Ring from Forever 21 | Earrings from Landmark |

JMS. (Jesus My Savior)


Yellow Leopard on a Tribe


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Yellow has been my favorite color since the day I learned to differentiate colors. YELLOW 4 is my favorite among Bioman heroes, I’m a big fan of BUMBLEBEE (w/c is of course a YELLOW Chevy Camaro) LECHE FLAN (which is almost yellow) is my favorite dessert,  RIPE MANGO and YELLOW BANANA are my favorite fruits, and YELLOW CAB (?) is one of my favorite pizzas (masabi lang ang yellow.) I also like Yellow because it’s a very happy color! Is there any other color that can be used as a greeting? YELLOW!!??  And is there any other color that can ease thirst? YELO!! How cool is that? Hahaha.

So to pay tribute to my favorite color and to try the print-on-print trend, I matched my yellow buttondown from MOA and yellow tribal skirt from SM Makati. Pardon for my i-wanna-lie-down-im-tired look. Again, this is after a grueling walk in high heels after office.

And hmmm, did I say that I’m too tired to even remove the rugs before I took this shot.. Haha.

Yellow Buttondown: Some boutique in MOA (can’t recall the name); Yellow tribal skirt: SM Makati Department Store (Teens’ Section); Green Ring and Black Belt: Forever 21; Black Mary Janes (wedge): AsianVogue. JMS. (Jesus My Savior)

Out of the Norm

Last weekend was untypical for me. I was not bored. I was not bored because I simply needed a rest, so I enjoyed the comfort of my small but cozy bed for almost the whole day. It is indeed true that while you age, you get tired easily and your body needs more time to rest. Aside from resting whole day without feeling bored, my Saturday has not become one of my typical TG (Taong Grasa) Saturdays as I went out with my friend Carol to watch Mamma Mia in the evening. (And by Taong Grasa means that I do nothing but stayed in the condo, feel lazy, and wait til I feel greasy before taking a bath. Ewwww.). But no, this is not to review the show. If you’re looking for one, go and find another blog if you need a Mamma Mia review. (taray!)

I still felt dizzy til Sunday, and sadly, I wasn’t able to go to church. But in the late afternoon,  I realized that I have to buy some stuff from the mall, so I got up and went out. The lack of energy resulted in an out-of-the-norm shopping get-up.

I ended up wearing a 2 for 149 shirt from Shopwise, had the sleeves removed. Wore my steel bling blings from SM, silver earrings and ring from Forever 21, loose pants from Bangkok, and silver flats from Shoebox and Me. Looked like a Rocker Chic, eh? Untypically me. Very out-of-the norm.


Tried the Tricia Gosingtian’s signature photo post process technique, this is how it ended up. Hehe.


Summer All Year Round


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Having the privilege to live in a place where I don’t need to check up on the weather forecast everyday is one thing that I am always thankful of.  Being in the tropics means that I get to wear light clothing everyday and I don’t need to change my wardrobe every season since we kind of only have one, and that is SUMMER! In fact, the Philippines only have 2 seasons, that is, Summer, and SUPER HOT Summer. Hehe.

One thing that I am also happy about is that I don’t need to wear three-piece suits in the office, unlike when I was still working in a Big 4 firm. And that means I now have the leisure to experiment on different outfits, without the fear of being chastised by the security guard for not abiding the dress code. =)

It’s Monday once again. I still have the hangover from my lazy weekend; hence, I don’t have the energy to walk in heels, to boot, to iron the clothes that I am supposed to wear today.  Good thing I have my pleated skirt from H&M that I bought from HongKong. I love that it’s a wash-and-wear type of skirt, aside from the fact that its colors remind me of Crayola. Hehe.

It’s not officially summer yet (which I previously referred to as SUPER HOT Summer), in fact, the wind is kinda chilly these days. But since it’s like summer all year-round in the Philippines, I can wear anything I want.  It’s always more fun in the Philippines.

Ring and Bangle gifts from my friend Dahlj. Aren't they cute? The ring matched my skirt! And both are like flowers!

Isn’t it obvious that I took these photos right after I jumped off from work? Sorry for the faded make-up and uncombed hair!

Pleated Skirt, H&M; White loose blouse, Market Market; Silver Flats, Shoebox; Flower Ring and Bangle, gifts from my friend Dahlj; Earring; Forever 21; Green Belt, Landmark

JMS (Jesus My Savior). (Laureen Uy’s BMS Copycat)

Color of the Year


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First post on 2012! Yay!  I have been so lazy lately. It’s been months since my last update. That’s why one of my New Year’s resolutions is to update my blog as often as I could. 34 days have already been slashed out of my calendar, but still, I want to say “Thank you Lord for 2011!”.  It’s been a fruitful year for me! The mere fact that I am still alive is already a big blessing! =)

I like pretty things and I have been a fan of fashion since my tiddler days.  Having 8 kikay sisters have helped a lot on that coz I have a bunch of choices on clothes then. Recently I have been addicted to reading fashion blogs of young Filipino stylists. Camille Co, Kryz Uy, Laureen Uy, Tricia Gosingtian’s blogs are my favorites.  One thing in common among these young women (aside from being Filipino-Chinese) is that they have their own fashion businesses. Isn’t that amazing?  I get inspired by them not only because they are very fashionable but also because they are doing things that they really love. I wish that one day, I can also start a business related to fashion.

I had so much time this weekend I tried mimicking their poses. Haha.  I am not as fashionista as they are and I don’t have the genes to be a fashion model,  but I really had fun doing this. Plus I learned some tricks in my camera so please bear with me if I you’ll see more of these poses from me in the future. Hahaha.

They say Orange is the color of the year, but for me, my year has to be very colorful, so I am not  sticking on just one.   But, since they said it’s Orange, I am wearing an orangey dress for this post.

Nude+Red Orange Dress from Crossings, Detachable Collar by Miss Sartorial, Shoes from Janeo, Bangles from Cebu.

Posing ala Lissa Kahayon

Work it like Lissa Kahayon

Touch your hair like Laureen Uy

Touch your hair like Laureen Uy

As-if-unaware pose ala Rio Navarro

As-if-unaware pose ala Rio Navarro

the uncomfortable pose

 JMS. (Jesus My Savior) – (inspired by Laureen Uy’s BMS – Break My Style).

Missin’ the 90’s and Early 2000’s Music

It’s Saturday, and I’m at home!!! Ahhhh, So relaxing… It’s raining outside, and I’m not in the mood to go out.. Where else should I go anyway in Batangas City? And so, me and my new best friend a.k.a. YOUTUBE is having a long chitchat today….

Today, I felt like going back to my teens… I can vividly remember my highschool days.. when Internet is not yet on its full bloom and Youtube is not yet born… The age of MTV. I remember just watching tv the whole day, holding the remote, with my fingers fixed at Channel 24 and 37 – our local cable channels for MTV and Channel V… N’Sync and Destiny’s Child were my faves then… I can say that compared to the music of today, music was better in the 90s and early 2000s..

And so this day, I go back to my ol’ favorite videos…Do you still remember 911? Code Red? Sugababes? 5ive? B-Witched? Aqua? Steps? How about Honeyz? SClub7? Hahahaha. So 90s. I started to watch MTV when Donita Rose was still a VJ for MTV Asia. Who would forget the “Request of the Day”? The letters were very impressive, you can’t even call them letters but masterpieces! Gosh, at that time, I really wanted to send a letter to MTV and request for N’sync’s Bye Bye Bye. Hahaha. It was in my schedule to switch to Channel V at 5:00 pm because they have the “Top 5 at 5” program.  I like Channel V in the sense that they showcase more songs, from Canada and Europe, while MTV is more on American songs (?), coz I think, I never saw S2S’s, Tara Mclean’s videos on MTV! (O, di ba, me ganung observation!).  Awww, I miss whatching MTV! Video killed the radio star… And then Internet killed TV programs… I wonder what’s next?

I miss being young.. When all I care about is studying… and I don’t have to work my ass off to earn money. Oh well, since Aging is something that we can’t stop, all we can do is remember the old days. Thanks to YOUTUBE, we can watch our favorite old videos for free!!! =D

Here are some videos/ songs that I haven’t seen for a while! Just happy I found them in Youtube!

This one is a find… It’s been like 12 years since I saw this video from Channel V! I thought the vocalist was cute then.. hahaha (Ultra – Say it Once)

I can still remember being amazed with Jordan Knight’s moves!   But just now, I realized it’s a dirty, dirty song! What is even weirder is that I sang with this when I was young and had no idea. Sheesh… Dang Jordan Knight! Hahaha!

Victoria Beckham’s You’re Out of my Mind!  I thought this song was very cool then… I was out of my mind!!! (I think nobody knows this song in the Philippines except me… Hahaha!)

I don’t like “5ive” that  much, but  I always think that one of their members looks like a Filipino (or Half-Filipino)? (5ive -When the Lights Go Out)

My Old-time Fave! (Destiny’s Child – Say My Name)


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